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28 years since the company's founding

Joint stock company AURA a.s. was set up in 1995 by merging of several prominent companies, operating a number of years in the field of industrial diagnostics and electronics. In a very short period of time after its establishment, our company became one of the largest manufacturers of sensors and instruments for technical diagnostics in Europe.


The main registered office of company AURA a.s. is Milevsko. Besides the company management it is place of the sales team and the entire manufacturing, designing, logistics and administrative background of the company. Next key component of the company is its Research and Development Centre resident in Prague. 

After many years, the correctness of the fundamental company strategy confirms, i.e. orientation towards solving customer needs by means of own development of first-class products and technologies. The quality of our services and products in not only our main philosophy but is based on a number of certificates. 

For years, both the company and our products conform to the demanding conditions of ISO 9001 certification, not only within the Czech Republic but also within the worldwide IQ-net certification network. Challenging certificates of products for environment with explosion risk - ATEX - are among other standards achieved, as well as very prestigious certifications of products for army and civil aviation engineering.


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