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It is essential for AURA a.s. to create solutions that match our client's specific needs. Thanks to our long-term experience in industrial diagnostics and technology management and thanks to our own research and development, we are able to cover a wide range of activities, such as:

- production of active and passive sensors for vibrating diagnostics
- production of converters for signals and monitors for the operation of machines
- diagnostics for the status of bearings
- vibration diagnostics for rotary machines
- diagnostics for the statuses of ventilators
- vibration diagnostics
- production & delivery of measuring instruments
- production & delivery of control systems of technologies
- production & delivery of communication adapters
- delivery of systems for remote administration, service and communication
- services (consulting, assistance during research and development, client solution, service and repairs, calibration, design)

AURA a.s. technology offers solutions within the fields of metalurgy, mining, manufacturing, petrochemistry and chemicals and we supply, for example, the energetics, aviation and repair industries.

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