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Wireless data and power supply transmission from moving parts of machines

Measurement on rotating parts of machines is a long-standing technical problem. It is usually necessary to supply the measuring unit and transfer back the obtained data. Standard solution is the usage of rotary distributor with slip ring and brushes. The main disadvantage is low mechanical resistance and rapid wear of the contact elements. Another solution is based on radio high-frequency transmission. It usually requires the placement of the power supply battery on the rotating part and is discouraged above all by the high cost. Equipment with fixed parts, but with tools that require quick change, often encounters similar problems. Here we do not have to deal with the transfer from the rotating part, but the elements used for interconnection of the exchangeable part, e.g. connectors or contact pads, are clumsy and quickly get worn out.


The solution of transmissions from moving parts is inductive coupling. Inductive coupling enables both - the transfer of energy for powering the measuring elements on the moving parts and the transfer of the measured data. The data transmission can be in discrete form, analog form or in the form of data communication (IO-Link, Field Bus, Ethernet), as required.

The inductive coupling makes it possible to solve the transmission both from the rotating part of the machine and from exchangeable tools placed, for example, on robotic arms.

The basic embodiments of the inductive couplers are adapted to the radial or axial arrangement of the fixed and movable parts. There are also versions directly replacing the original mechanical collectors or designed to transfer energy up to 1500W.

In our implementations, we repeatedly dealt with the described problem and the search for a solution finally resulted in cooperation with a major European company SMW Autoblok.

Since September of this year, AURA a.s. has also become the official sales representative of SMW for the Czechia and Slovakia.

In addition to a number of versions of inductive couplers, sensors for inductive distance measurement LPS are also available.

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