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Przemysłowe systemy sterowania i diagnostyki
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We are the official distributor for the NCTE AG for the Czech Republic.

The company NCTE AG offers unique possibility to measure torque and force under extreme conditions, directly and without contact.

- truly contactless without contacting the shaft
- independent from the number of rotations
- robust against media such as oil and water
- vibration resistant
- resistant to high temperature
- insensitive to bending and lateral forces
- quick measuring with wide signal bandwidth
- high resolution and repeatability
- long-term stability and maintenance free
- also applicable on large-diameter shafts with high measurement ranges
- attractive price-efficiency ratio by small and large quantities
- suitable for large-scale series production with high quality standards 

Facts about NCTE:
Foundation: 2003
Number of employees: 18
Location: Unterhaching
Certification: ISO 9001
Shareholder: ST Holding AG
Technologies: Torque, force, angle, position
Protected Know-How: 40 current and registered patents 




NCTE - prezentacja 

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