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Control systems of technologies

Systems characteristic

Employees of AURA a.s. have long-time experience with the solution of control problems in the sphere of ecological technologies control especially. The main character of AURA a.s. delivers is the consequent connection of programmers abilities, knowledge of industrial communications and experience with the behavior of controlled systems in real conditions of practiced technologies.

Results are systems:

  • providing the most of control functions fully automaticly, making the service easy
  • adapting themselves to changes of operating conditions
  • able to fault-tolerant function also in peripheral operating situations e.g. at failures of sensors or malfunction of a technology part
  • adapted to requirements of service employees with the high user comfort
  • able to connection and cooperation with systems of the most of well-known producers by means of data communications and standard protocols (ASCII, Modbus, Profibus etc.)

Character of deliveries

Deliveries of AURA a.s. are completely assured from the control functions analysis, over control components optimalization, selection and securing of technical instruments, program equipment design and processing, model tests, device supply and its revival. In case of requirement, AURA a.s. also provides the processing for electro-projects, production of distribution boxes and electrical works.

In many cases, employees of AURA a.s. are concerned already in the preparation of own technology concept. Premises for the realization of balanced and both user and operation valuable system are created by the cooperation at the optimal allocation of controlled and regulating knots, determination of individual technologicalal elements functions, selection of sensors and allocation of local automatic functions.

Elements of control systems

The basic element for the realization of control systems is modular device of Siemens company SIMATIC system. Alternately, for realizations of automatic device control can be also used another systems of leading world-wide producers - Rockwell (Allen Bradley), Modicon etc. With the maximum utilization of knowledge about the industrial communication and possibilities of systems connection is possible to connect systems of various producers to extended networks.

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