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Communication transducer

The KOA communication adapter is an independent unit with all necessary equipment for data communication set as the mediator between various types of industrial communication protocols. The KOA is the effective instrument for the solution of frequent problem of cooperation and data transmission between control systems of various producers.

The KOA adapter permits to do difficult tasks of communication with the possibility of data pre-processing from industrial sensors and device and the conversion to the elect type of protocol. The using of the KOA adapter for the transmission of technological and operating quantities by means of the remote approach by telephone lines, Internet or GSM modem is also possible. The hardware of KOA adapter is designed with the utilization of the most modern elements of microcomputer technics.

The chain product is MODEM Router with the larger sphere of using also for monitoring systems and with extended possibilities of data maintenance and storage.

Examples of protocols: 

SIEMENS 3964®, 3964, RK 512
FANUC CCM Master / Slave
ASCII protocol - VVN sources
ČKD elektrotechnika -VVN sources EDYN 88-99, EMADYN-Z-01
ELIN VVN source AM2020
ASCII, BIN protocol - user setting


Operator consoles

All technical instruments used for AURA a.s. deliveries permit to service device in local mode - usually by means of the alphanumeric display with the keyboard. Distance modes are solved by communication channels to the superior control systems usually in the power supply level RS 485.

Another version is the complete delivery of control system including the independent operator console realized basic on the industrial PC and connected in the communication network with local automatic device.

Operator consoles are standardly equipped by the CITECT program environment SCADA. By means of this environment is realized total possible comfort of service and technology monitoring (technology remote control, status graphic presentation, monitoring and archiving of operating values, automatic control, protocols about the technology status generation, alarm system, connection to the company information system etc.)

Remote access and operation monitoring

Characteristics of used program instruments, knowledge from the sphere of industrial communications and corresponding technical instruments such as KOA or more universal MODEM Router - all of this permits to create systems of remote access to installed control systems of technologies or monitoring units, e.g. of vibrations.

The remote monitoring and administering of complete control system by means of Internet, telephone or GSM network give to the customer the possibility of device operating states monitoring, observing of required operating conditions and of fault-tolerant activity of service. The advantage is also the possibility of remote analysis of arisen problem or immediate intervation in case of the failure.

The method of the remote access opens the large space for extension of the customer service and for greater costs restriction especially of the export deliveries. Right here, basic on inaccurate and incomplete informations of customer often occure unnecessary and expensive journey of professional workers. The knowledge about true operating conditions is also very important, whether already for early defects and repairs prevention or claim solutions.


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