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Process Machine operation manager MPS

The MPS is a basic equipment for the complete operating monitoring of engine status - the diagnostics and measurement of operating values. Thanks to the modular design, MPS permits to select for monitoring operating quantities, corresponding with the kind of device and requirements of failureless operation (temperatures, pressures, vibrations, flow rates of oil, etc.).

The MPS machine operation manager permits following:

  • to prevent unexpected machine failures and accidents by running permanent machine monitoring system using measuring and evaluation of variables crucial and decisive for trouble-free condition
  • to perform long-distance transfer of monitored variables by data communications using computer network
  • automatic shutdown of monitored equipment in emergency condition
  • to create distributed measuring systems (measuring switching centres) and networks according to requirements
  • to file operating and failure values for later analysis
  • connection with the Modem Router for remote monitoring of machine operation e.g. by means of the telephone or Internet

The MPS set is equipped by sensors, pick-ups and inputs for various operation and status values, such as electric quantities, vibrations, wear of bearings roller pads status, bearings temperatures, engine winding temperatures, status of PTC thermistor protections of electric machines winding, operating power (machine regulation), lubriaction, flow rates of oil, both static and dynamic pressures of liquids and gases, load and other acting powers, etc.

The MPS is the universal device controlled by a microcomputer with the high flexibility of various operating versions matching by the program parameter change. MPS program equipment makes notably easy the service and expands possibilities of signals processing including data storage. Signal processing by the microcomputer permits to clear wrong operating reports doing by the interference, failures etc.



Example of configuration:


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