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Hand vibration meter MV-5, MV-5L

The MV-5 set is determined for operating diagnostic measurements of engine vibrations especially in the maintenance, output check, diagnostic departments and in every place, where the exact, good operated apparatus for the control of engines status with the possibility of measured data storage is required.

Main functional parts of MV-5 measuring kit creates portable diagnostic apparatus of pocket size (vibration meter MV-5) and vibrations sensor (accelerometer) with the connecting cable. The apparatus is determined for the vibrations acceleration, velocity, amplitude and frequency measurement. For evaluating of vibrations serve circuits for RMS, amplitude swing (peak-to-peak value) and frequency measurement. The frequency range can be styled by means of the lower and upper sideband filter. The lower level of frequency range can be set at 1, 3, 10 and 30 Hz and the upper therefore at 0,1, 1 and 10 kHz. By means of the measured quantity selection, suitable detector and frequency range, the apparatus can be used for every usual vibrations measurements including measurement in accordance with ISO 2954 and ISO 2372 standards.

The part of MV-5 apparatus is the communication line USB permitting the connection with PC. The communication and the program Data Manager can be used for on-line data recording, for MV-5 stored data transmission and for presetting of ranges and measurements in individual measuring points at the errand.

With the MV-5 apparatus is also delivered accessories in the special suite-case, where are all components necessary for the measurement. Except the sensor, to accessories belongs also the measuring point,attachment magnet of sensor, place for notices storage and description for the operation and measurement. There is also a place for the PSK calibrator deposition in the suit-case. Mains power supply source is also a part of the delivery
MV-5 apparatus is the universal portable hand vibrometer suitable for its compact design especially for the regular measurement at these parts of machines, where early detection of serious damage is very important.

Technical data:
Measured quantity: RMS, amplitude swing and vibration acceleration, velocity or amplitude frequency
Filers: 1, 3, 10 (according to ISO 2954) a 30 Hz a 0,1, 1 (according to ISO 2954), 10 kHz
Measuring ranges:
     acceleration a: 20 m/s2 or 200 m/s2,
     velocity v: 20 mm/s or 200 mm/s,
     amplitude s: 200 µm or 2000 µm
     frequency @ a,v, s: 1 to 1990 Hz
Power supply: 9 V accumulator or laminated battery 9 V 

Ruční měřič vibrací MV-5 se snímačem SV128B

Data sheet MV5L-EN 

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