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Referential measuring chain

The referential measuring chain is a device for keeping a specific known value of vibrations sensitivity. It will find its use like a secondary etalon of vibrations or factory etalon of vibrations. For these purposes was selected device construction corresponding for its transmission stability with requirements for a measuring chain for calibration, as it is specified in the ISO 5347 standard.

The device consists of the SV 100 sensor equipped with two contact pads - for connection to the source of vibrations and for connection of the measured accelerometer or vibrometer. The SV 100 accelerometer is connected by the way of a low-noice cable SK 132 to the charge amplifier C4.2. This charge amplifier is equipped with two outputs. The first one has an exact transmission of charge 10 mV/pC and is to be used for the referential measurement, which can be done both by way of a referential accelerometer and for the determination of the sensitivity of other vibration sensors. In that case, if the acceleration of 10 ms-2 is used, the output voltage numerically corresponds with the sensitivity of the sensor under test.

The second output has a sensitivity, which may be switched by steps of 10 dB in the range between 0 and 60 dB. The transmission of the charge amplifier can therefore be increased as much as 1000 times to the value of 10 V/pC. This output can be used for general measuring purposes, but also for referential purposes. The amplifier is constructed to show the same time and phase delays and the same frequency characteristics in all ranges.

Technical data:

Power supply:
12 V built-in accumulator
supply source: 230 V / 50 Hz
Frequency range: 0,4 Hz to 100 kHz
Accelerometer sensitivity: typ. 3 pC/ms-2
Maximum output voltage: +/- 4 V
Input dynamic range: 1000 pC
Basic charge amplifiers sensivity: 10 mV/pC to 10 V/pC step 10 dB


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