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Universal signal source UZS

The universal signal source UZS type C5 serves for the testing, calibration and adjusting of apparatuses and systems with piezoelectric sensors. UZS is determined for the production and service both of portable apparatuses and permanent installed equipment. UZS can be also used in laboratories at the simulation of real signal sources and control of measuring chains.

The source has fluently adjustable output amplitude and switchable output frequency. The possibility of output frequency adjusting is in accordance with requirements of ISO standards. Digitally synthetized shaped of the output voltage process permits the extensive selection of shaped of processes necessary for the control of special attributes of equipment - e.g. attributes of applicated detectors (peak-to-peak value, RMS etc.). The UZS can be also used like the source of noise, e.g. for the simulation of noises arising by the damage of roller pads of bearings and permits to make both setting and control of apparatuses for bearings diagnostics by this way.

The source is fed from the built-in accumulator and its robust construction permits the application not only in laboratories, but also in current operating and industrial conditions. The operation possibility is to -25°C.

Technical data:

Power supply:

built-in accumulator 12 V / 1,5 Ah

 supply source:

230 V, 50 Hz, 10 VA

Input voltage:

0 to 1 V

Output charge:

0 to 1 pC or 0 to 10 pC

Output frequency:



10, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 a 1000 rad/s

1,592; 3,184; 7,958; 15,92; 31,84; 79,58 and 159,2 Hz


Output signal shapes:

sine, oblong, triangle, noise


1,4 kg

Temprature range:

-25 to +85 °C


IP 44


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