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C4.x - Laboratory charge amplifiers

Charge amplifiers serie C4 are determined for processing of signal from piezoelectric sensors. For their construction serve especially for signals from piezoelectric accelerometers. However, they are also suitable for piezoelectric pressure sensors.

Amplifiers serie C4 have the switchable amplification and possibility of sensor´s charge constant presetting in the extensvie range. All versions C4 are also equipped by the signalization of maximum signal amplitude overload. Amplifiers serie C4 are characterized especially by the high parameters stability (including phase amplitudes) permitting their application in referential and measuring chains.

The most extended version of C4 amplifier has the possibility of frequency-selection filter and integration constants setting - in this version, because of the combination complexity of sensitivity, integration and correction setting, is used a microcomputer providing control of ranges switching, screen amplifier´s transmission constant on the display including units.

Amplifiers are fed from a built-in accumulator and the part of the delivery is the charging power pack.

Amplifiers serie C4 can be used for measuring, control and experimental chains in laboratories and industrial operations. The robust construction, temperature stability and independent power supply permit application for the exterior measurement in harder operating conditions too.

Technical data:

Power supply:
built-in accumulator charging from mains 230 V / 50 Hz (IEC 38)
Operating time: 10 hours at the operation from accumulator
Admission valve: charge (alternating current)
Max. input range: 1000 pC
Outlet valve: voltage, max. +/- 4 V
Sensitivity order setting: 10 mV-10 V /pC/ms-2 step 10 dB
Frequency range: 0,4 Hz - 100 kHz


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