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MV Data Manager


The MV Data Manager program superstructure is designed for an interactive work with vibration meter MV5. This program makes the work with the vibration meter MV5 as well as its control more simple and better arranged. By using PC is possible to perform long-term monitoring, evaluation and storage of measured vibration values, more over everything can be obtained in well arranged form. The program is designed primarily for making user work easy during periodical diagnostics of vibrations for identical points and machines taking into account long-term time horizon (errand rounds-measurement).

Some types of basic printer forms are standard equipment. These forms permit measured values storage. The print of measured values can be arranged in random both preprinted and non-preprinted forms.

The program isn´t integral part of apparatus and in case of need it can be backward ordered any time.

MV Data Manager application supports the complete machines diagnostics from view of vibrations measurement, assessment and evalution.:


- On-line diagnostics of measured places
- Intuitive prepare of the errand
- Data transmission from the application and to the application MV Data Manager from the MV5 vibration measuring device
- Summary of measured values from individual measured places
- Vibrations value development on the concrete measured places in the time horizon
- Print of protocols about measured vibration values
- Export function for values conversion in another applications (e.g. MS Excel)

Recommended computer configuration: Pentium CPU 233 Mhz, 32MB RAM, space 10MB on HDD, system WIN 95/98 or WIN NT 4.0 (SP 5).





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