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PSK - Pocket calibrating apparatus

The pocket calibrating apparatus is determined for fast and easy control of operating and portable apparatuses with piezoelectric sensors. Adjustable charge size in the range of 0-12,5 pC permits the application for most of piezoelectric accelerometers. The voltage output of version PSK 4.2U is determined for simulation of signal from the vibration sensor, which already has the voltage output. For its size and easy portability is the PSK determined especially for service, control of installed device and like a complement of portable apparatuses type MV5.

The PSK simulates the charge or voltage source on one permanent frequency with the possibility of relevant constant (amplitude) exact setting by the multispeed accurate potentiometer with the front scale. Circuits of PSK are solved with respect to signal continuous operating stability. The PSK is connected through the cable with connector in the input of apparatus instead of the accelerometer.

The PSK is made in the pocket version, power supply from the battery with low consumption permits a long-term operation. Instead of the battery can be used also the accumulator type IEC 6F22. The supply source can be a component of the PSK. In case of delivery with the apparatus MV 5 is used the source from the MV 5 set.

Technical data:

Output signal:
  angular frequency:100, 1000 rad / s
  shape of oscillation:sine, oblong with mark-space ratio 1:1
  output amplitude:  0 – 10,00 for version PSK-4.2-Q
0 – 1000 for version PSK-4.2-U
Power supply:9 V NiCd accumulator or laminated battery 9 V
  supply source:230 V, 50 Hz, 10 VA
Size:110 x 65 x 50 mm
Mass:0,2 kg
Operating temperature:+5 to +40 °C


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